Resources and useful sources of information for anyone concerned about  their school or wanting to know more about Academy status.

Anti Academies Alliance

The Anti Academies Alliance is a campaign composed of unions, parents, pupils, teachers, councillors and MPs. The website is a wealth of news, resources, information and advice.

Why-would-a-school-want-to-become-an-Academy-final   A very informative Briefing document from Anti Academies Alliance

Briefing-for-Governors-and-Headteachers   A guide to Academies for Governors and Headteachers from the Anti Academies Alliance

A can of worms is a blog set up by lawyer David Wolfe. It is for anyone concerned about academies or free schools and the law. It gives David’s answers to many of the legal FAQs he has been asked over the years.


The following lawyers may be able to provide legal advice on making a legal challenge;

Rosa Curling of Leigh Day & Co

Tessa Gregory of Public Interest Lawyers

Department for Education

The DfE’s Academies pages include the official line on Academies, government  information and guidance for schools wanting to become an Academy and current lists of open Academies as well as schools in the process of converting.

National Governors Association (NGA) guidance

Guidance for National Governors Association members on the 2010 Academies Act   This includes very useful information on what a consultation should involve and clear guidance that an application to convert should not be made before the end of consultation.

Useful benefits & drawbacks analysis from


Local Authority guidance

If you know of any other resources that should appear in this list, please make your suggestions using the form below.


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