Academies to be an election issue in Kings Norton & Bournville this May

A New Party is Born!   Communities Against The Cuts (CATC)

Launch this Saturday 12 noon at No 1 Bournville Lane.  Everyone is welcome.

Communities Against the Cuts will be receiving the keys to No 1 Bournville Lane at 12 noon this Saturday, 31 March 2012.   Its shop front position in Stirchley will offer local residents the opportunity to pop in for a chat and discuss the issues that really matter to them with those who have been involved in local campaigning against the cuts since May 2010.

Christopher Hughes, CATC candidate for Kings Norton Ward in the local council elections to be held on 3 May 2012 said:

 ‘Birmingham City Council is the flagship Council for the CONDEM Government’s ideological policies which are allowing tax breaks for millionaires of over £40,000 whilst at the same time creating an unfair Granny tax.  

Birmingham City Council has been all too eager to impose vicious cuts on the most vulnerable people in our communities, instead of going back to its pay masters and saying, the people who are hurting because of these cuts are not the ones who created this financial crisis and should not be the ones made to pay. 

What the Council should be demanding from the Government is that all austerity measures are reversed and a growth plan implemented with the introduction of an alternative budget, which includes a bankers tax, scraping of trident and withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan, and investing in growth, green jobs, housing, schools and a future for our youth’

‘If ever there was a need for an alternative to all the main political parties, George Galloway’s victory in Bradford-West has sent a strong clear signal to the Government and opposition parties, that austerity isn’t working’

‘Everyone welcome to drop in from 12 o’clock; come and share a pasty with us, hot or cold!’


Communities Against The Cuts

1 Bournville Lane, Stirchley

Mobile:  07582 610944


CATC has been born out of the local campaign group, Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts, in response to discussions with local residents and community groups who no longer feel that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Council and Government or the opposition parties are offering a real alternative to planned austerity.

Amongst SACAC successful high profile campaigns have been:

  • Reversing a decision to close Charles House and other respite care homes for disabled children and their families in Kings Norton.
  • Preventing Bournville Secondary school moving  to academy status linking in with ‘Hands off Bournville School’
  • The re-opening of Merrishaw Nursery in West Heath.

CATC will be standing two candidates in the 3 May 2012 local council elections are  Christopher Hughes in Kings Norton and Lynne Habermacher in Bournville. 


2 thoughts on “Academies to be an election issue in Kings Norton & Bournville this May

  1. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    Gogwit is sorry to have missed the launch of this new party but is willing to offer practical support in your campaigning. Good luck and best wishes, Lynne and Christopher. I only wish that Labour had some good ideas in respect of academies and free schools. Sadly I think their offer is more of the same!

    • Thank you for your support! You would be very welcome at the next meeting of CATC – it is this Wednesday 4th April, 7.30pm at our new premises, 1 Bournville Lane, B30 2JY.

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